Sasha's dog Spoon (aka Virgil Spoonovich Von Adhem) is not just a woman's best friend, but a badass canine athlete.

Spoon's got Agility titles:  MX  MXB  MXJ  MJB  MF  T2B  SPG  SPR !!

...Spoon's got Nose Work titles: 

ELT2  NW3-I  NW3-C  NW3-E  NW3-V  L2I  L2C  L1E  L1V !!

...he's also got Scent Work titles:


...and a Tricks title:

TDP !!!

Spoon even has a demo reel:

Below are videos from AKC National Invitationals '2017 in Orlando, FL:

Action photos of Mr. Spoon:


Photography by Stella Beaud ®

And here are some "action" photos of Spoon at Nose Work trials: 

Spoon NW1 Vehicles 3.png
First Qualifying ribbon and First place!